Kungfujackrabbit HDRI Los Angeles Set 01

This is a very personal set for me. I lived in L.A, straight out of college. I worked at several studios and they are all since....gone. I loved the people I worked with, and the projects were fun. Late nights and pushing our art as hard as we could at the time. Lets cover each location as each are special to me in some sort of way.
  • Digital Firepower was a studio I worked at on the corner of Hollywood and Vine streets. The first HDRI is a tall building with a vine covered fence in front where the offices used to be. Kleiser Walczac used to be there too.
  • The second HDRI is the on the corner of Vine street and has a view of the infamous Capital records building. An Iconic building in films for sure.  I always enjoyed coming to work and seeing the building.
  • Next is the entrance to the Pier in Santa Monica. Just before taking this shot I went to see the new Blade runner movie. Great time. I used to love eating down in Santa Monica on the strip. There is a great little greek food restaraunt I like to visit there.  
  • There is a few more locations on the Pier I found interesting. So I wanted to say a little more about Santa Monica. I spent a few weeks there working for Discreet building up to being a demo artist for Siggraph back in 2002.
  • Now the last location is another iconic LA local.... Randy's Donuts! I cant remember how many movies ive seen this location used in. 

There are more coming I have at least two more sets coming from this trip to L.A. I'll do my best to hurry and get them out. 

I cant wait to see what you can do with them. Oh I almost forgot. I'll be loading backplates as additions to these sets!

Each location and time of day is chosen and enhance your ability to quickly load and use the HDRI as a lighting solution. For advanced lighters the HDRI brings a starting level of light and color to set your palette for the scene.

• 10 high resolution HDRimages in the LAT LON format from 7 unique locations.

• Each HDRi created from FishEye Lens is over 10,000 x 5,000 pixels minimal to allow for maximum reflection, and lighting quality. Don't forget for lighting you can always downsize the images and for reflections the highres work great! And if this is all new for you write me and let me know you need a tutorial I am glad to take requests. In fact it inspires me to make things.

• Ready for use in any 3D packages supporting the use of HDRI such as Maya, Max, Zbrush, Keyshot, and more.

Don't forget if you would like these and all the HDRI collection on my site , which is probably around 200 HDRIs now, just become a member!

I've left the price low so as long as enough people are purchasing I can charge this low price! This cost just covers my expenses and let's be honest It usually doesnt cover it and I absorb it. I love making these for you and I enjoy bringing my travels to life in this type of imagery. Plus its really cool to place your 3d models into these environments and pretend the 3d creations are real.

Don't forget to check out my tutorials and zbrush brushes for kitbashing as well.

Thank you so much from,

Garry Lewis - Kungfujackrabbit Studio

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