This is a dragon I made as a sketchbook doodle. Mainly since my friend Michael made some new zbrush brushes for dragon skins and I thought "wow you need something to test all those brushes on!" So I cranked out this little nugget and it did the job. Im pretty inspired now to take a little more time and make another dragon or beast. I havent made a dragon in like 14 years so this was alot of fun.
A little on how I sculpted it: I started in Zbrush with a sphere and immediately turned on the dynamesh at about 128. Id turn it off and crank up the dynabrush setting to 512, 1024 and eventually 2048 periodically. I only hit the 2048 when it was time to really get the skin detail though to dont forget if you do something with a detail brush then re-dynamesh alot of that detail will be lost. Which youll see some of the little bumps did get "muddy" when i started in 1024 and then moved up. That doesnt work well. But while I was at 1024 I di use the big bumpy scaled to shape the face on a larger scale and I recommend that approach then turn it up to 2048 for the fine detail bump. Happy Zbrushing!