I felt inspired to combine some variety from travel images and various locations this time. Just for a little variety this month. 

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Also I hope you enjoy the composite this time using the scene from inside the cell block at Alcatraz. 

There are two from Alcatraz that I really liked. One near where I work. And several near Atlanta, but in secluded wooded locations. One of which is at the top of Blood mountain on the appalachian trail. Great little shack where hikers can take cover at night or during storms. You may remember me sneaking in another image or two from that blood mountain hike earlier set.

For advanced lighters the HDRI brings a starting level of light and color to set your palette for the scene. Watch my videos and it will get you rendering fast! 

What is in this set?

5 high resolution HDR images in the LAT LON format.

Each HDRi created from FE Lens is 10000+ x 5000+ pixels minimal to allow for maximum reflection, and lighting quality.

Ready for use in most 3D packages supporting the use of HDRI such as Maya, Max, Zbrush, Keyshot, and more.

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Garry Lewis - Kungfujackrabbit Studio




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